Brenda, as both a practitioner and a person, is graciously providing us a healing space and opportunity to bring forward our best selves. It is clear for all who meet her to see that this is not an egotistical endeavor for her; she simply knows she can be a conduit for a greater understanding of how to be a healthier demonstration of ourselves.
 Sharon, Lakeport

Brenda you are a brilliant and amazing healer. If I hadn't experienced what you did for me yesterday, I'm not sure I would have believed it. By the time I left, the overall pain in my body was gone and I only felt the pain in my hand and back, still there but lesser. Before I came to you I couldn't even pick up a glass of water with my hand the pain was so excruciating. 
Jane, Kelseyville

Three hours after walking through the doors of B Young, I was not only healed completely, I was also transformed into my best self---re-invigorated, re-engaged and, most importantly, re-committed to returning to my spiritual path and life's purpose. I believed in myself, life and the universe again. I was positive, optimistic and hopeful again. I was free of stress, tension, depression, tension and negativity again. I was in a deep state of calm, connectedness and knowing again. I was the real me, my true self, again.  
Dr. Ivory, San Ramon

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I work with the best people in the world because they know how important their lives are. They realize that happiness and health are their birthright!  These people have learned that with the right tools and guidance that it's not hard.  Isn't it time that you found out what those tools are?  Isn't it time that you made that change in your life so you could really enjoy it?
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After three sessions of Transformational Coaching with Brenda Young, results became obvious. I was able to see my past more objectively, my tolerance for all things had expanded and I was sleeping better.  

Then the miracle happened. On the morning of our fourth session I woke up with my left hand in excruciating pain. It also had a bright red glow to it, similar to a bad burn. It felt as if every bone in my hand was broken. I had experienced chronic arthritic pain in my hand before, but nothing like this. 

Brenda and I worked on the issue with tapping and unbelievably by the time I left the session my hand was a normal color and the pain was totally gone. This was four months ago and I have experienced no further pain or discoloration in my left hand.

Since then Brenda and I have covered a lot of territory with further successful sessions. But, I think none quite as dramatic as that first miracle.  
​Jane G., San Diego

Brenda has been amazing. I have discovered so many things about myself that I never understood before. 

For the first time I feel really good in my body and confident about my life.

Kim, Santa Rosa
I had known about "tapping" and the law of attraction for about a year, but was struggling to get the junk out of my life in order to stay on track.  I decided to seek out a coach.  Financially, it was a stretch for me but I felt it was worth it. 
As I worked with Brenda, she helped me get rid of the junk from my childhood and my past, she encouraged and motivated me, she gave me tools, she kept me accountable, she helped me think bigger, and she helped me hone in on my goals. 

This was an invaluable experience and her words will stay with me for a very long time, if not forever.