How did you feel when you found out?
What should you do now?

To truly survive Cancer, its ill effects on your body, and the emotions that come with it, 
healing in all areas of your life need to be addressed! 

How did you get here in the first place, and what do you need to turn this around?
Surviving Cancer, Harmony in Balance

This program starts any time after your diagnosis, during or after medical treatments and into your recovery. Each session is customized but will include the following…

          …..a safe environment to explore your emotions and heal your past
          …..loving support during your treatments & recovery 
          ......re-build your immune system
          …..learn the art of self-care
          …..tips & tricks for nausea & pain reduction 
          …..reduce the fear and anxiety about your future 
          …..regain your health through proper food choices
          .....easy ways to detoxify your body
          …..restore your energy with breath work and movement
          …..find out how to experience joy while laughing your way to health
          …..discover how to be a cancer survivor

The work we do together will strengthen your immune system and remove the stress so your body can focus on healing. My method isn't just about going through the motions of proper diet and health, it’s about making intelligent choices that are customized for you as an individual. I will be here to stretch you, support you and encourage you toward your dreams and goals for the future. This is accomplished by providing you with the guidance you desperately need during one of the most stressful times in your life with specific tools, techniques and a proven system.

In this one-of-a-kind program you will receive:

 A Pre-Session Harmony Packet
     Invaluable tools to get you excited about working with me and looking forward to your recovery
11 Unique Sessions Tailored to Your Needs include:
  • Awareness of Self, An Exclusive 1.5 hour Foundation Intensive
         To Empower you and start the process of releasing trauma and stress
  • Mindful Eating - You will discover how your current food choices are creating inflammation and dis-ease in your body so you can make the correct changes for your specific DNA
  • Diet Wise - We will put together the pieces of your diet puzzle to stop creating inflammation in your body. This will support all of your body systems so they can focus on reversing disease.
  • Cleaning House - To move you along the path of healing, you will understand why they say "Death starts in the colon", why a clean liver is important, and how to amp up your immune system for a fighting chance.
  • Mindful Movement - Moving your body creates an oxygenated environment which increases your energy, lifts your mood and overall makes you feel like you can conquer anything.
  • Laughter - It truly is the best medicine.
  • Love Thyself - An important step in healing your mind, body and soul is in caring for yourself and in learning how to ask others for help.
  • My Presence is My Present - There is no doubt that the mind and body are connected.  It has been proven that to be a fully integrated being, it's essential to be balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This will create great happiness and personal well-being.
  • My Right to Shine - A look back at where you were, your incredible progress to date, and what your next steps are. 

     Responsive e-mail support for in between sessions
     Supplemental readings, e-books, additional resources, etc
Bonus 1: Audio: Body Scan Healing Meditation
Bonus 2: Personal Long Distance Healing Session
Bonus 3: Weekly Long Distance Group Healing Sessions
Bonus 4: Assessment, Handouts & Additional Audios
Bonus 5: Products - Recommended Nutritional Supplements
Bonus 6: The Benefit of having a Caregiver Join in on the Sessions

I know you're scared and unsure of your future.  Allow me to help you gain control and heal your life.
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~Surviving Cancer~ 

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This program is not designed to replace your regular medical care.  It is used as a complement to help you heal the different aspects of your life and dis-ease.

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Those dreaded words..."You Have Cancer"
The stress & anxiety, the fear & uncertainty