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Who hasn’t been touched by cancer?
In 1999, I lost my mother who was also my best friend to cancer. Her poor body was exhausted from the toxic combinations of chemicals that they used to attack the cancerous cells. The doctors new what they were doing, and in fact were making great progress in destroying the cancer, but unfortunately, no one looked at the other sides of the coin which could have made such an incredible difference in her survival.  

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B Young Coaching was established with the goal of helping individuals who are going through heavy challenges with their health. We offer powerful and effective coaching programs that provide genuine help to people looking for ways to lead better, happier and healthier lives.

Brenda is a Certified Health and Energy Coach with an acknowledged certification in Professional Cancer Coaching. She has been a CA State Licensed Esthetician for 25+ years with advanced training in clinical skin care, and Oncology Esthetics, EFT Practitioner, Medical Assistant, Reiki Master & Nutritional Consultant.  Ms. Young has spent many years working alongside surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical professionals while also training with the American Cancer Societies - Look Good, Feel Better Program.

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In her final hours, as her body was slowly shutting down, tired of the fight, I lay with her in bed, reading to her, “Awakening the Mind, Lightening the Heart”, by the Dali Lama, holding her, loving her and reassuring her that we, (dad, her 3 children, and 6 grandchildren) would all be okay so she could rest in peace. As she took her final breath, in my arms, I was singing one of her favorite songs to her, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. She absolutely loved Judy Garland. By the way, my mother’s name was also Judy, and everyone loved her. Her smile was infectious and she greeted everyone with a loving hug. I believe that I was extremely lucky in that I developed her compassion for people and if you know me, I love to give out hugs as well.  

Hi, my name is Brenda Young, and I understand, the fear, pain, anxiety,
and disfigurement of cancer, how it effects the body and the psyche. 
I myself was diagnosed with Squamous Cell carcinoma on the face and 
chest in 2009. This is a picture of me as I was going through my treatments 
which was on and off for about 2 years. Luckily, knowing what I do about skin care I 
was able to repair and correct almost all of the damage.

When my mom was diagnosed, cancer was new to me and there wasn't a lot of information available. Today, there is information everywhere we turn, and while it can be quite overwhelming, it can also be very contradictory. My quest for health started as a teenager, but when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and in the years since her death, I have made it my mission to understand how our health is affected by our emotions, childhood beliefs, energy systems, Inflammation from food and our lifestyles.

Cancer is a word, not a sentence. You can faithfully move forward in your life, understand what disruptions in your life may have contributed to it, and start creating a healthier you, emotionally and physically.

Please allow me to be an advocate for you and your health.

My Story
Hello, I'm Brenda Young
I'm here to help you create the healthy, beautiful life that you are so deserving of!

Do you struggle with your Health? 
Cancer, IBS, Thyroid, Nutritional Deficiencies?

Do you have Skin Problems?
Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Aging Skin?
As a Holistic Clinical Esthetician and Wellness Coach, 

This stuff isn't just my passion, 
It's my LIFE!